Well, this sucks.

First up, every one of you stay safe.  This is going to be a bumpy ride.

After processing all the COVID19 info that’s available we have no option but to suspend operations indefinitely. 

Sadly this will take effect immediately.

The current health crisis we are all facing is much too dire to entertain any further procrastination. Your well being and the well being of the musicians who we all support is too important. 

Now being aware of the financial slippery slope that all creative artists in Australia survive on, we truly hate cancelling shows.  

We will attempt to reschedule shows later in the year when hopefully the worst is behind us. 

In the meantime go to the artists’ sites, buy an album or two, if they offer a virtual concert go to it.  Help support them

See you when we all get back


Cliff and the team @ Albert Park Port Lounge