The Ugly Uncles Annual visit


The Ugly Uncles – 8/11/2019

5 Aquatic Drive Albert Park Lake (next to the Point Restaurant)

$30/$25 (concession)  Cash at the door.
Doors open 7:30pm

Includes bread & dips before the show and hot party finger food in the interval.
Drinks from bar at bar prices.

Bookings: or text 0418179411

It’s hard to believe, I know, but there are people legally allowed to drink and licensed to drive on our roads who weren’t even born when the Ugly Uncles began! Actually, it’s even harder to believe that the Ugly Uncles are still allowed to drive on our roads, but that’s another story. And as for the drinking, well, what you don’t know won’t hurt you.

The Ugly Uncles are like no other – a dissolute bunch of chancers who got together some time in the last twenty or so years just to see if it’s possible to have as much fun on-stage as the audiences do off.  And they’ve been testing the theory ever since. With everyone’s favourite ex-ABC (aren’t they all?) radio personality Uncle Derek Guille still at the lead, the Uncles ‘uncle’ just about everything. No musical genre from jazz, rock and country blues, to calypso, swing, folk and ceili has been spared from the Uncles’ ‘jugband’ treatment.

The music is eclectic, to say the least, even more so is the (sometimes) hilarious banter and just plain old-fashioned funny asides between Uncles and some great songs. Frequently seen at folk-roots music festivals such as Port Fairy Folk Festival and Newstead Live! Music Festival, Albert Park Port Lounge is hopefully becoming a regular Melbourne show for The Ugly Uncles.

The Ugly Uncles are: Uncle Derek Guille – vocals, guitar, kazoo and other musical toys; Uncle James Rigby –vocals, guitars, banjo, mandolin, fiddle; Uncle Tony Allan – guitar, mandolin, harmonica, vocals; Uncle Steve Edward – piano, whistle (and never! give him a microphone); Uncle Pip Avent – tuba, bass, vocals ; Uncle Jim Brannon – alto sax, clarinet, vocals, whistling and pineapple; Uncle Sally Taylor – fiddle, vocals; Uncle Rod Bradbury – drums, vocals. And a warning. All Uncles (except the drummer) have ukuleles!

After their visit last year I jumped at the chance to have them back again, it was a wonderful night and this one will be better. Not to be missed!


PS. They really aren’t kidding about the ukeleles