The Pub Session

Hardiman's HotelLeah Mae, Dayle Alison Walker, Suzette Herft, Chris Lazzaro and Dennis Cartwright

Cost $15/$10 etc

It’s Christmas!! Time to party!!

We’re going to replicate the Pub Sessions we have during the year at Hardiman’s Pub once a month.

A Round Robin of songs featuring some very talented singer songwriters, and me, your host Cliff Ellery

leahmLeah Mae – our wonderful discovery – a very talented young woman who deserves a wider audience ..
In her own words…
Leah Mae has been playing guitar with her mouth open since she was very small. Her music as “warm acoustic folk with touches of jazz influence”. She can be found haunting open mic nights around Melbourne, accompanied by numerous empty tea cups and self-deprecating humour.


Dayle Alison Walker is a gifted singer songwriter who has been “retired” for some years now but in the last few years has found a new lease on musical life. Her 2014 Album “Sanctuary” is a collection of original songs ranging in mood from country to jazz/blues. Dayle’s music will be an important part of the show


denniscDennis (Tom) Cartwright is a veteran musician with a history in rock bands and as a solo performer at various locations. Dennis also looks after the beloved Harmony Row Vineyard, another great venue all on its own!



cliffCliff Ellery (yours truly) convenes and has run Albert Park Port Lounge concerts for 14 years so far. I like to jam with my friends and have fun with music. Being self-indulgent I reckon if the boss can’t get a gig what’s the world coming to??




SuzanneHerftSuzette Herft plays a unique blend of modern Australian Folk. Suzette, with her touch of exotic spice from Sri Lanka, is the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’,  Suzette grew singing to her father’s classic country collection, and was influenced heavily by the American Songwriter Troubadours, playing at various folk venues and festivals around Australia. Renowned for her re-creation of the songs of Joan Baez and Bob Dylan, Suzette has also written some wonderful songs.


chrislChris Lazzaro is a great singer songwriter who has previously collaborated with Suzette. He is a member of the Blackberry Jam Bush Band and a gifted player of various instruments …. Each month the combined voices lift in harmony to several of Chris’s songs which we have come to know and love.

He has performed at venues all over Australia including Canberra (National Folk Festival), Woodford, Port Fairy, Maldon, Tamar valley, Newstead, Apollo Bay & Brunswick Music Festivals