Ted Egan


Ted Egan – Friday, 28th April, 2017


Ted Egan

5 Aquatic Drive Albert Park Lake (next to the Point Restaurant)

$25/$20 Cash at the door.
Doors open 7:30pm

Includes bread & dips before the show and hot party finger food in the  interval.
Drinks from bar at bar prices.

Bookings taxman@bigpond.net.au or text 0418179411

Ted Egan is performing  The Anzacs: 100 Years On, In Story and Song, as part of the Commemoration of Anzac observance presenting his thesis that we must deplore war, abhor and expose the armourers, but salute and respect the heroism of the man and women from Australia and New Zealand – the Anzacs – who volunteered for what they perceived to be a good cause.

He comes to this topic with a strong family connection and interest. His mother, Grace Brennan, had three brothers who volunteered to join the Australian Light Horse in 1914. Jack Brennan was killed at Gallipoli, Bob Brennan served three years straight in the horror of the Western Front. Martin Brennan went to the Middle East after Gallipoli, engaged in many conflicts, was briefly a prisoner of war, escaped, rejoined his regiment. He wrote my Song for Grace to record, word for word, the story my mother told me when I was twelve. She was the most anti-war person I have ever known.

“A Song for Grace” Another terribly sad Gallipoli song .Written by the great Ted Egan for his dear old mother Grace (my grandmother) and sung by his lovely wife — the mellow Welsh Diva Ms Nery Evans.

This will be an interesting night