Geoffrey Graham Albert Park 7 November 2014



Poster Banjo JPEG Dec 2013


Friday 7th November – doors open 7:30pm – show starts approx. 8:10pm – no reserved seating

                            Admission $20 (Concessions $15)

Cost of admission includes Finger Food at Interval & Bread & Dips on Arrival

Book through Cliff Ellery  or Phone 03 96901233 BH (leave a message despite the instruction not to)

Banjo’ Paterson returns to Melbourne for his Birthday.

In 1995 Geoffrey W Graham presented extraordinary performances at Winton Queensland to celebrate 100 years since ‘Banjo’ Paterson penned Waltzing Matilda. His self-devised tribute performance; The Man from Ironbark was a stunning success.

Dubbed “the sleep of the Cannes festival” Geoffrey received a standing ovation for every performance at Winton with people being turned away from every one of the ten scheduled shows.

Since then Geoffrey has taken Banjo to every corner of the country including a season in Melbourne in 1999.

For those people who have been waiting patiently for the return of Banjo, your wait is over –he’s back!

Geoffrey will be bringing Banjo to a superb venue the Albert Park Port Lounge Yacht Club. Perfect for this performance

Geoffrey broke new ground with this performance being the first full impersonation of ‘Banjo’ the poet as well as the war correspondent, the lover, the farmer, the solicitor and the man.

“Hear the hoof beats of Harrison, laugh with the hilarious barber in the barber’s shop, reflect in the beauty of ‘Eyes are Blue’, smell the fresh air with Clancy, the anguish of a mothers love in ‘Lost’, the anger towards the conman ‘Gundagai” and the pain of the warhorses. And there’s more…”

The Man from Ironbark’ presents comedy, intrigue, songs, drama, conflict, audience repartee, and entertainment—all in the one performance.

After seeing the show Ted Egan said:
‘Geoffrey is born for the role. He becomes Banjo as we see the vision splendid’.