Emma Luker & Pete Titchener – July 14th 2023


Emma Luker & Pete Titchener – July 14th 2023

5 Aquatic Drive Albert Park Lake (next to the Point Restaurant)

$35/$30 cash only at door (no cards)  Remember proceeds go to the artists after our direct costs, we do not profit from these gigs, feel free to pay more at the door because every extra dollar will go to the artists.
Doors open 7:30 pm

Includes bread & dips before the show and in the interval. Drinks from bar at bar prices.

Bookings: taxman@bigpond.net.au

This is what happens when you ask musicians with a “sense of humour” to write a bio, they offered to send a “proper one.  I didn’t think they could top this one and told them not to bother . Now read on…

Emma Luker & Pete Titchener

For the past decade, Emma and Pete have been accompanying a well known Scotsman on stage at festivals and concert venues around Australia and more recently New Zealand.

But can they cut the mustard without the old guy?

The answer is that we just don’t know.

Pete describes Emma’s fiddle playing as “a Celtic fusion, transcending the esoteric margins of contemporary world music, whilst exploring the fresh, yet ephemeral nuances of jazz inspired punk. Her digital dexterity on the fiddle will make your eyes water in the same way that chopping onions does, leaving you with salt stained tears similar to that of a grieving butterfly“.

Emma describes Peter’s guitar playing as “adequate”

The only certainty is that if you don’t go and see them, then they won’t earn enough money for the petrol to get them back to Adelaide.

OK, stopped laughing yet, for me, that has to be the bio of the year. Now get on the phone and book a table. This one will be a ripper.


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