Danny Spooner


Danny Spooner – Friday,  June 17th, 2016

Danny Spooner


5 Aquatic Drive Albert Park Lake (next to the Point Restaurant)

$25/$20 Cash at the door.
Doors open 7:30pm

Includes bread & dips before the show and hot party finger food in the  interval.
Drinks from bar at bar prices.

Bookings taxman@bigpond.net.au or text 0418179411

Danny Spooner is an icon, a National Treasure, an indispensable part of the Melbourne Fok Music scene.

Danny will once again bring alive the history of Australia and the UK.

Danny is always a sheer pleasure to listen to and an inspiration to other traditional musicians.

UPDATE: JEANETTE GILLESPIE & DUNCAN BROWN, renowned singers and supporters of the folk scene for many decades, will open the show doing a 30 minute bracket

coppers1Danny, Duncan and Gael will do a Tribute to the Copper Family .

This is the story of a family who for six generations have shared an on going tradition of singing the songs of rural life in the Sussex Village of Rottendean. These were people born to be agricultural labourers who would work hard all their lives but enjoyed celebrating the season round with songs & a few drinks.

We are really excited to be hosting this gig, not one to be missed