Brent Parlane Band – 9/11/2018

Brent Parlane Band

5 Aquatic Drive Albert Park Lake (next to the Point Restaurant)

$25/$20 Cash at the door.
Doors open 7:30pm

Includes bread & dips before the show and hot party finger food in the interval.
Drinks from bar at bar prices.

Bookings: or text 0418179411

Brent Parlane writes words and music and with the help of his band, they become songs. some of them work, some of them, not so much.

But the ones that work, work on each listener in their own way. They can make you laugh, think, feel, cry or even dance.

Have you ever loved a man, a woman, a dog or yourself? This is serious music.

Brent is not an old black man from the Mississippi Delta, He’s not a hillbilly from Appalachia,a villager from 19th century England or a dandy from the swinging ’60’s, but
he’s heard all their music. he doesn’t play it, but he’s absorbed it, dissected it re-assembled it and rewritten it.

Brent is a 20th-century man, trying to make his way in the 21st century, and doing very well thank you.

Listen to these songs and you will find some of yourself, something you didn’t know you know, and something you may never forget.

Co Tipping plays lead guitar like no one else. he’s an artist. Listen to the parts plays in the band and the music he makes music out of each song.
And when it’s solo time and he’s let off the leash. Stand back in wonder and watch an artist creates before your eyes!

Rob Hornbuckle plays the Bass and sings at the same time. The Bass parts he plays on Brent’s songs are truly original and what a harmony singer.

David Hicks is one of the most sought after session drummers in Australia, just google him, really, and a great singer too. he doesn’t just keep time, although he does. he plays the song!

This is music making we are talking about!

Most everybody in Australia knows Stephen Blackburn from his TV days, but only those in the music field know what a great writer, singer and keyboard player he is.

He’s the new boy in the band. And boy what a find. He learned all the songs in a week and his playing and arrangement skills have kicked the band into a new realm.

Come and see them play, Change your life, or don’t, and just stay the same….