FRIDAY 1st MAY 2015 (the Friday after ANZAC DAY)




Doors open 7:30pm – music starts 8:10pm – finger food provided. Bar open.

Entry: $25 full, $20 concession. Entry on Lakeside (press buzzer if door locked)

BOOKINGS: Email Cliff Ellery or TEXT: 0418 179411


Lest We Forget

Two Cultures. One story. Gallipoli.

 Written & performed by

Jan ‘Yarn’ Wositzky 

Directed by

Paul Hampton 

Gallipoli retold with Turkish and Australian song, poetry and story.

Çanakkale is what Turkish people call Gallipoli, and in ÇANAKKALE. GALLIPOLI. Lest We Forget storyteller Jan ‘Yarn’ Wositzky tells the tale from both sides.

With Turkish and Australian poetry, song and story juxtaposed – Bülent Ecevit, Eric Bogle, Nâzim Hikmet, Ted Egan, Turkish hero Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, CJ Dennis, Necmettin Halil Onan, Mary Gilmore – ÇANAKKALE. GALLIPOLI. Lest We Forget is unique.

Also included is the writing of two combatants who went on to be leaders in their respective countries: aide-de-camp Richard Casey who became Australia’s Governor General, and from the Turkish commander at Gallipoli, Kemal Mustafa, who become their first President and Attaturk – the father of the Turkish people.

Fast-paced, deeply emotional, humorous and informative, with music on frailed banjo, bodhrán and harmonica, the show was a hit for 8000 people awaiting the 2003 Dawn Service at Gallipoli.

Lest We Forget – Hic Unutmaya Cagiz is ingenious in being able to capture both the Anzac and Turkish experience and present it in a way that it totally accessible, engaging, and respectful, but at the same time quietly theatrical.

(Harvey Broadbent, maker of Gallipoli documentaries)

‘With your songs you have touched the souls of thousands of people at Anzak Cove…singing the story of how destiny brought young soldiers here from different cultures…On the green, green grasses of Anzac Cove we shared the forgiveness, and peace.’

                                                             (Eser Ekin, Turkish visual artist)                             


Now updated for 2015, ÇANAKKALE. GALLIPOLI. Lest We Forget tells of soldiers from different worlds who shared a living hell, and of their women behind the lines and across the sea who grieved for their men.

The Turks lost 86,000 dead. The Anzac dead numbered 11.488. By telling it from both sides ÇANAKKALE. GALLIPOLI. Lest We Forget is a version of Gallipoli that transcends nationalism.

The historical narrative is linked with Jan ‘Yarn’ Wositzky’s personal experiences at Gallipoli: Aussie kids draped in the flag seeking national identity in the Anzac legend, and of the over-arching Turkish narrative that enemy soldiers grew to respect each other, and of how that respect became the friendship that Turks and Australians share today.

Jan ‘Yarn’ Wositzky

Amongst many credits over a 44 year career, Jan is a founder of The Bushwackers Band, author of best-selling books (Me & Phar Lap, Born Under The Paperbark Tree), script-writer of award-winning television documentaries with Indigenous Australians (Buwarrala Akarriya: Journey East, Aeroplane Dance), creator of acclaimed solo shows for adults and students (Bilarni, The Go-Between: William Murrungurk Buckley) and producer of gold rush CDs and audio tours (Living Stories of the Victorian Goldfields, The Monster Meeting) in his home town of Castlemaine.

‘..the ultimate yarnspinner: a singer, musician and writer

who can hold audiences spellbound.’ (The Australian)

Audience comments from Newstead Live! Performance, January 2015

“Fantastic…Brought a tear to my eye…Very moving – thank you…Brilliant…Excellent, great use of hats…Thank you. Brilliant…A brilliant presentation, thank you…A stunning production.”


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